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Are you feeling tired, overwhelmed, and lacking clarity?
Imagine feeling revitalized, focused, and shedding those pesky inches around your midsection.

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Hi!  I'm Tara Ivins and I have been helping people for more than 15 years use proper nutrition to allow their bodies to mend themselves. 

Get ready to unlock your full potential and transform your body with proven strategies that deliver results!

I fully endorse PURUIM Lifestyle Plans.  It is a holistic approach of simple organic whole foods, supporting health and wellbeing, embracing the connection between a healthier mind, stronger body, and more beautiful skin.  Life is hard enough. Don't waste time on meal planning - let’s make it simple!
Tara Ivins Board Certified Functional Nutrition Consultant

Nurture Your Body

Truly transform your lifestyle to experience more energy, better digestion, deeper sleep, and a more balanced mood.

Open Your Mind

Uncover your seven dimensions of health and wellness to develop strategies to improve your overall well-being.

Lasting Change

Once you've achieved your goals, lock in your new healthy habits to become a way of life.

One on One Support

There's no need to take this journey alone.  As your coach, I'll be there every step of the way.

Wellness Transformation Nurture your body Open Your Mind Lasting Change One on One support

A Simple Start to level up your wellness game.🏆

The Total Wellness Index assessment is the perfect starting point for your wellness journey. It evaluates your wellbeing across the 7 Dimensions of Health & Wellness, providing invaluable insight into your overall health and wellness. Receive a personalized report and take actionable steps to enhance your lifestyle and reach higher levels of wellbeing

Your 10 Day Quickstart Includes:

  • Total Wellness Index Assessment & Report

  • Total Wellness Course

  • Wellness Success Plan

  • Goal Setting & Tracking

  • Accountability Coaching

Total Wellness Index Assessment

For more information on the Total Wellness Index, Click here

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