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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is covered in the 10 Day Whole Body Transformation, coaching?

For each of the 10 days you will be guided through learning sessions that will equip you to make the necessary changes to improve your overall wellness. Topics include: Day 1 - Goal Setting Day 2 - Creating a Habit Day 3 - Growth Mindset Day 4 - Control Your Environment Day 5 - Hunger Day 6 - Healthy Eating Day 7 - Fitting Movement In Day 8 - Stress Perception Day 9 - Maintain Motivation Day 10 - Continue Your Success

2. How is the 10 Day Whole Body Transformation Program delivered?

Once you have purchased the program, you will receive a link to gain access to the Total Wellness Assessment. The course will be delivered through the mobile coaching app, Nudge. You will receive instructions on how to download Nudge and access the course.

3. How is the coaching delivered?

Coaching, which includes accountability, goal setting, and tracking, will be delivered through the mobile coaching app Nudge.

4. What is the Total Wellness Index?

Total Wellness Index

The Total Wellness Index assesses 7 dimensions of health & wellness, revealing strengths & weaknesses.

5. What's next after completing the 10 Day Whole Body Transformation Program?

30-Day Reset

The next step in the program is the 30-Day Nutritional Reset. aka Ultimate Life Transformation.

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