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If you’re looking to effectively address your problems at the level of cause, you must have a research-based, customized plan.


HealthConnect has Three Phases:

The RENEW Phase is the creative process of setting goals and action steps to create a healthy life that works for you. These steps can be engineered into your hectic life so you can regain control of your health while feeling and looking better!  During RENEW, your brain chemistry will begin to balance, inflammation will decrease, and your immune system will begin to strengthen. If weight reduction is one of your goals, the RENEW Phase can also cleanse your body of excess weight!

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The REFRESH Phase will move you from "I can" to "I will".  Many things contribute to our sense of nourishment and fulfillment. The food we eat, healthy relationships, a fulfilling career, regular physical activity, and a spiritual awareness are all essential forms of nourishment.  The purpose of REFRESH is to stabilize your brain chemistry and metabolism. If you lost weight in RENEW, this phase is important for maintaining your new weight.

RESET allows you the grace to slow down and listen to your inner voice.  Which allows you to reflect that all the answers you are looking for are already within you.​  Reflect on your progress.  Celebrate your success!  Keep your vision in front of you.  Use the knowledge you have gained to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Different Results require a Different Approach 
Ready to START feeling better?

     When you work with me, you will receive:

  1. Time. A safe place to open up.

  2. Guidance and clarity, plus realistic and achievable how-to steps so you can reach your health and wellness goals.

  3. Education, so you can learn lifestyle changes to carry you through your best life!

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There are two options: 

Are you ready to Let go of:

Aches and pains, Anxiety, Depression, Brain fog, Weight gain, Sleep problems, Fatigue, Headaches, Sugar imbalances.

 90 Days: Health-Connect

This option is best suited for the person who has unresolved health issues, chronic conditions, or multiple symptoms and needs ongoing support and accountability.  We'll address lifestyle choices including eating and fitness.  This 90 Day Program includes:

  • Program Guidebook

  • 90 day supply of Shape ReClaimed drops

  • Six Urinalysis kits to test Metabolic Markers

  • Five 30 min consultation sessions

  • Weekly "touch base" text

  • Unlimited email support and online resources.


Working together, I can help you create more fulfillment and impact in your life!

 45 Days: 


This option is best for the person who just wants to fine tune their existing health program. Still needing that extra support to take their health further.  Or help you identify challenges and blind spots that are preventing the change you want.

  • 45 day supply of Shape ReClaimed drops

  • Three Urinalysis kits to test Metabolic Markers

  • Three 30 min consultation sessions

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