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Fall in love with taking care of yourself.

I love when the seasons change, don't you?

What happens outside affects you inside your home and within you too. Consider how your life shifts as the seasons of the year phase in or out. You can take advantage of these seasonal changes to make each season special and unique in its own way.

What can we do to stay healthy and resilient? So many things!

First and foremost, we should recognize that cold & flu season is not so much about weather as it is about our habits. There's all the candy & alcohol at Halloween that leads into goodies at Thanksgiving and then of course all the things at Christmas. Then what do most people do? Set a New Year's intention to get healthy that lasts maybe a month or two. I propose that a better approach is moderation & consistency all year long. I will 100% be enjoying some pumpkin pie when the time comes, but by generally eating well and taking care of ourselves we are less likely to stay off course.

Getting Ready for the Season's Shift

Here's what I do:

  • Focus on nutrient dense foods first. For me, that means loading my proteins & fats before turning towards lower-nutrient foods.

  • Stay hydrated. In particular, I always keep electrolytes on hand. This ensures I don't mistake thirst for hunger and also gives my adrenals some salty support. My favs are Celtic Sea Salt. You can also easily make on your own with 1 L water, 1/8/-1/4 tsp salt, juice from 1/2-1 lemon, and a little raw honey for sweetness.

  • Get 7-9 hrs of sleep every night, even on the weekends. Sleep is when our bodies repair and recover, thus supporting better immune function.

  • Meditate daily. Some prefer active/walking meditations or deep breathing. Whatever helps you manage stress & calm the mind is a good thing.

  • Strength/resistance training 3-4x/week minimum. Loss of muscle is associated with compromised immunity and increased risk for infection. Don't like the gym? Good news- you don't have to! You can do bodyweight exercises at home or - even better - invest in some kettlebells which are super versatile for home workouts. If you need a trainer to help get you started, *hit REPLY and we discuss the right strength plan for you.

  • Stock up on supplements that come in handy for acute illness. This might include things like elderberry syrup, vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, quercetin.


Let’s tackle your health goals together! You don't have to figure this out on your own.

>>Book a free 15-minute discovery call with me to find out the best course of action for you.

~To Your Health



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