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Optimize your energy & metabolism during the holidays.

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

There's no denying the holidays can be a hectic time when we feel our energy and metabolism dip. From a hormone perspective, it makes sense. We're more stressed out about hosting, gifting, and getting everything done before the end of the week resulting in cortisol increasing and insulin spiking with it (not to mention the domino effect this has on our other hormones).

Avoid energy dips and a sluggish metabolism with these tips: 1. Do not skip breakfast Breakfast is fuel for your body. Skipping it is like driving your car on empty - not good for the engine and eventually, the car will stall. The same goes for your body. 2. Include protein & fiber at every meal to make losing weight no big deal :) Easy enough to remember, right? Protein & fiber keep you satiated for longer and blood sugars balanced so it's smooth sailing for your energy and metabolism. 3. Move your body daily Your body was built to move, so honor it by giving it daily movement. You don't have to book a class or hit the gym, 10 minutes of yoga or a family walk around the block counts! 4. Stay on track with your supplements Supplements provide your body with nutrients you need that you wouldn't otherwise get from diet alone. As stress levels increase, so does your need for nutrients. Best practice if you constantly forget supplements: take them at breakfast time. If you have supplements that have to be taken in the evening, set a reminder on your phone or keep them on the table where you eat dinner. 5. Avoid excess wine, especially if wine doesn't like your body You can still have your wine, just don't go overboard with it. Alcohol drains our energy and slows down our metabolism by affecting our hormones. Stick to 2 glasses and drink a lot of water in between. (I'm addressing alcohol tomorrow so stay tuned). 6. Release guilt around food This is probably the most important one to keep in mind. When you enjoy your meals guilt-free, you will digest your food a whole lot better. Stressing about calories, macros, or ingredients is no way to spend your holidays!

Most importantly enjoy the time with your friends and family.


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