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Protecting Your Mental Health at Work.

Tips for Protecting Your Mental Health:

1. Wake up early. Wait before you go on to the next tip. Waking up early isn't my favorite either. There are powerful benefits to waking up early. Even if it's 10 mins early.

Get yourself in front of a window or outside to allow the sunlight to hit your face.

Here's why:

-Natural Vit D

-Improves sleep, resetting your natural circadian rhythm

-Improves overall mood

This time of year combined with most of us working from home. We are barely seeing the sun on a daily basis.

2. Use your vacation days. Letting your vacation days go to waste undermines your health and productivity, so time off is beneficial for you and your employer. Even just planning a vacation can lift your spirits, so make a list of your favorite destinations and start researching them.

3. Decorate your space. A cluttered desk can be a source of stress. Find an organizing system that works for you, and put files you rarely use out of sight. While you're at it, add in a few personal touches and a pretty plant. Indoor plants add liveliness along with providing better air to breathe.

You can stay healthy without giving up your paycheck. Adopt some simple habits that will protect your well-being, even if you spend many hours a day behind a desk.

>>Now, your turn. Put these tips into action. Share with me your action plan at or 540-816-9041.


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