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The Reinvention of You – Increasing Your Self-Esteem

You might have discovered lately that you aren’t feeling as positive as you could about yourself. Maybe you’re disappointed in how you look or some of the emotions you feel. Your attitude might slip a bit at times and you find yourself making self-deprecating statements to others.

How can you get out of this rut and reinvigorate how you feel about yourself?

These strategies will help you get back on track and increase your self-esteem:

1. Take some time to reflect. Non-judging: Serving as an impartial witness to one's own experience, which includes being aware of thoughts as they arise, irrespective of what those thoughts might be (e.g., positive, negative, or neutral)

  • Recognize your strong points. Although your mind hasn’t been in a place to really notice what you’re good at, take some time now to do just that. Maybe you’re a great cook, wonderful with kids, and the hardest worker at the office. Every single person has strong points and you need to know what yours are.

2. Remind yourself what you truly love about you. Maybe it’s the way your green eyes shine or your red hair makes your facial features stand out. Perhaps you’re consistent about doing exercise or you’re brilliant at keeping the conversation going. You’re even in awe of the patience you have with others or your willingness to step up and volunteer to help out others.

3. When it comes to you, what are you the most proud of? What do you consider your greatest achievements? We all have something to be proud of. Figure out the things about you that you take pride in to raise your self-esteem a few notches.

  • Maybe you keep an organized house.

  • You are dedicated to doing your job well.

  • Perhaps you are a good cook!

  • You have great style!

4. Accept compliments openly. Make eye contact, smile, and say, “Thank you” whenever people pay you a compliment. After all, people aren’t going to go to the time and trouble to pay you a compliment unless they believe you deserve it.

Relish in the good things about you that others notice. Embrace those positive comments. Doesn’t it feel great?

You can reinvent yourself by taking steps to increase your self-esteem. Look within yourself to evaluate what you need to feel better about yourself. Acknowledge what you’re most proud of and embrace compliments.

As you do these things, your self-esteem will soar. The reinvention of you will be successful and complete!

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~To Your Health

Tara Ivins CFWC

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