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SHAPE-Approved Extras

On your SHAPE Program journey, you might ask, “Why can’t I eat (insert food)? It’s healthy and it doesn’t affect me.” Or, “I ate (insert food) and I’m still losing weight. What’s the big deal?” The answer is that what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for others. Each of the items on the SHAPE-approved extras list was tested for efficacy on the SHAPE Program

Here is a list of SHAPE-Approved extras. If something is not listed here or in your Program Guidebook, it is NOT APPROVED.


• Coffee/tea – In moderation. Herbal tea is best, as caffeine can be dehydrating.

• Cranberry juice – Unsweetened. 4 oz. cranberry juice to 28 oz. water. 8 oz. diluted juice per day.

• Milk – One tablespoon of cow, almond, coconut, oat or rice milk per day.

• Mineral water – Unflavored and unsweetened. Helps to balance pH. Pellegrino®, Perrier® and Topo Chico® are good options.



• Bragg Liquid Aminos® - Avoid if allergic to soy.

• Coconut aminos – Coconut-based soy sauce alternative.

• Horseradish – No added sugar or oil.

• Hot sauce – No added sugar or oil.

• Mustard – Regular yellow, Dijon or any others that do not have added sugar.

• Primal Kitchen Foods® Ketchup

• Tamari soy sauce – Gluten-free soy sauce. Avoid if allergic to soy.

• Vinegar – Balsamic and apple cider vinegars are best.



• Broth, stock – Chicken, beef, turkey or vegetable; no added sugar or oil.

• Cooking spray – Olive, avocado or coconut for cooking. Non-aerosol is best.

• Lemon/lime – Juice of 1 whole per day.

• Non-dairy yogurt – No added sugar.

• Nutritional yeast – Not baker’s yeast; used for flavor or as a cheese-like substitute. Good source of protein, fiber and B vitamins.



• Arrowroot powder – Thickener for sauces and soups. Use in place of flour or cornstarch.

• Celtic Sea Salt® – Most mineral-dense salt. Coarse grind is best, add after cooking.

• Flavor extracts – Vanilla, almond, peppermint, etc. No added sugar. • Spices – All types, fresh or dried, no added sugar or oil.

• Xanthan gum – Thickener and emulsifier.



• Monk fruit – No erythritol, glycerin or maltodextrin. Check labels carefully.

• Stevia, plain liquid or powder – No erythritol, glycerin or maltodextrin.

• Xylitol – Use in moderation; may cause stomach cramping or loose bowels. Birch and non-GMO corn sources are best. Extras:

• Epic gum – Most other brands of mints and gum contain glycerin.

• Ice Chips® – Xylitol candy.

• Spry® mints – Most other brands of mints and gum contain glycerin.

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