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Why, When and How Should I Do a Protein Day?

Image by Shelley Pauls

An explanation of Protein Days is in your Program Guidebook

in the Phase II section, but we wanted to explain further the

why, when and how you should do a Protein Day.


Why and when should I do a Protein Day?

Protein Days can be done at your discretion in Phase II of the SHAPE

Program. Phase II of the SHAPE Program is when your brain chemistry

and metabolism are stabilized. If your goal was to reach a specific

weight, this phase ensures your ability to maintain this new weight.


It is during this phase that you add in foods you previously eliminated in Phase I and discover which foods are most nourishing for you and which may be more inflammatory. It is vitally important that you do not add any foods from the “Foods to Avoid in Phase II” list in your Program Guidebook.


During Phase II, if your weight increases significantly overnight (2+ lbs.), it likely indicates a negative or inflammatory reaction to something you’ve eaten. A Protein Day will help you quickly reduce inflammation, prevent a weight loss plateau and keep you on track with your weight loss goals.

How should I do a Protein Day?

If you gain 2+ pounds in a single day, eat only this for one day:

• 16 oz. of dense protein (preferably beef or chicken)

• 2 apples or 2 tomatoes (not a combination of 1 apple plus 1 tomato)

This is best eaten in small portions throughout the day with plenty of water. If you are a vegetarian, use eggs. If you’re a vegan, choose tempeh or a high-quality pea protein powder

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