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Tara Ivins Board Certified Functional Nutrition Consultant

Nutrition and Wellness Coaching 

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to how you should eat. Nutrient requirements vary greatly depending on your age and stage in life, how active you are, and your lifestyle.

Nutrition and wellness coaching services include...

  • Primary Food™ Assessment: daily recall 

  • Lab Services: Previous lab review, stool analysis 

  • Personalized Wellness Plan: food, supplements, lifestyle recommendations

  • Recipes, shopping list


-reduce inflammation, improve performance, increase energy, decrease fatigue, lower disease risk, prevent injuries, lose weight/body fat, curb cravings

-Initial consult + 2-4 follow-ups is recommended

(depending on client need)


At Home Workout
Tara Ivins Board Certified Functional Nutrition Consultant

Personal Training and Nutritional  Coaching 

  • You’ll get resources to address physical activity, eating habits, stress, sleep, the way you think, motivation, and behavior change as well as how to develop healthy lifestyle habits.

  • I’ll help you find the best type of exercise plan for YOU. It will be one that you will enjoy enough to want to repeat over and over again; because this will help you achieve results.  You are unique, special, and deserving of the advice most suitable to you!

  • Optimum health can be achieved without the aid of strange pills and potions. Due to poor soil quality and toxic modern lifestyle, I believe there is a place for vitamin and mineral supplementation in a healthy nutrition regime. 


Primarily, I believe you should fill your body with the goodness of organic, natural foods. Food should NOURISH you and you should ENJOY it.
I believe your results will come from
what you do most of the time, not some of the time. You won’t find any fad diets, deprivation, or quick fixes here – this is the real deal!

Two - 45 minute sessions per week, Eight per month

  • 30 minute workout

  • 15 minute nutrition plan

One weekly check in via text

Plan for between session activities


Fullscript Industry Leading Supplements

Fullscript offers virtual dispensing via a complete catalog of industry-leading supplements. Fullscript provides order fulfillment, shipping, the best supplements on your journey to optimal health. 

Fullscript is the safest and most convenient way to purchase professional-grade products.

BiomeFX gut microbiome

Your gut health affects every part of your life.

Test don't guess. BiomeFx™ offers a clearer picture of the status of the gut microbiome.​

This simple at home test provides an abundance of:

✔️ Identify causes of bloating and IBS 
✔️ Identify dysbiosis ratios 
✔️ Pinpoint which metabolites are overproduced or underproduced 

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