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Taking SHAPE Drops as a Daily Supplement

Can I take the SHAPE Drops every day, even if I’m not in Phase I of the SHAPE Program?


We are asked this question all the time, and our answer is absolutely yes! In fact, over the last 9 years we’ve learned that most SHAPE Warriors report feeling much better when they add the SHAPE Drops to their daily regimen after reaching Phase III.


Here are some reasons why you should consider taking the SHAPE Drops daily:

  • The SHAPE Drops support energy production at the cellular level. This means that they can help restore, repair and regenerate failing systems. It’s also better absorbed and more usable than most other vitamins and supplements.

  • The SHAPE Drops contain ingredients that address the most common causes and symptoms of disease. These include hormone imbalances, gallbladder function, digestion, thyroid function, mood, metabolism, kidney support and pH balance.

  • The SHAPE Drops help you maintain a healthy weight. The SHAPE Program isn’t just about weight loss. Releasing excess weight is merely a wonderful side effect of the program. But, after completing the program, taking the SHAPE Drops daily can help you maintain your new metabolic set-point and overall health, reduce cravings and normalize appetite.

  • The SHAPE Drops strengthen your body’s detoxification system. You are surrounded by toxins. From the air you breathe to the food you eat and even the energy of your environment, you can’t escape toxins. Taking the SHAPE Drops daily helps you deal with the toxins all around you so you can live your healthiest life.

  • The SHAPE Drops improve mobility and help reduce body aches and pains. Aches and pains are usually due to inflammation in the body. The SHAPE Drops help extinguish the flame, reducing body aches and pains, improving mobility and even enhancing cognition, digestion and energy.

It is necessary to stop taking the SHAPE Drops during Phase II. When you complete the three weeks of brain recalibration and food discovery, you can begin taking the SHAPE Drops again in Phase III.


Recommended 0.50 mL once or twice daily as a maintenance dose. Continue keeping regular follow-ups with Me, which is also great for accountability and long-term success. Keeping regular contact with me keeps you focused on being more consistent in your new healthy habits and turning SHAPE Reclaimed into a sustainable lifestyle.


Linda Frisch, the wife of SHAPE ReClaimed founder Dr. Todd Frisch, said this about taking the SHAPE Drops long-term:


“I’ve been taking the SHAPE Drops every day for the past nine years, and I cannot remember the last time I got an infection. SHAPE has improved my immune system like nothing I’ve ever taken, and trust me, I’ve taken a lot of supplements over my lifetime. Yes, I’m biased, but this supplement and program are based in truth and facts. I’m the healthiest I’ve been in 63 years!”


Not only is it safe to take every day, but we also believe you will feel healthier when you include the SHAPE Drops in your daily life.

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