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Intermittent Fasting
Incorporate nutrient-rich superfoods while consuming substantially all your calories in a 6-8 hour window.
8 AM DAYS 1-20
Infuse your muscles with predigested protein without breaking your fast.
  • Super Amino 23 (5 tablets = 20 calories)
10 AM
Gently break your fast with organic greens, healthy fats, whole carbs, and plant protein.
  •  Power Shake (5.5 TBSP = 150 calories)
12 PM
Time to eat some "real food!"
  • Enjoy your first meal (750 calories MAX, 
    for best results)
  • Power Shake (5.5 TBSP = 150 calories)
2 PM
More muscle support.
  • Super Amino 23 (5 tablets = 20 calories)
4 PM
Fuel your cells with more organic greens..
  •  Power Shake (5.5 TBSP = 150 calories)
5:30 PM
Complete final meal prior to 6 PM before your 16 hour fast.
  • Enjoy your final meal (900 calories MAX, 
    for best results)
  •  Apothe-Cherry (2 TBSP = 60 calories)
  •  Biome Medic (2 capsules) 

Download a copy of the Intermittent Fasting schedule here:

8 AM DAYS 21-30
Muscle support and a deep colon cleanse.
  • Super Amino 23 (5 tablets = 20 calories)
  • Super CleanseR (2 capsules)


  • Eat all of your meals within an 8-hour window, allowing 16 hours of fasting

  • Water is not considered food drink half of your body weight in ounces anytime throughout the day

  • Eat as healthy as you feel comfortable, emphasizing organic foods

  • See the sample schedule to the left and adjust based upon your wake-up time

  • Eat nothing after 5:30PM meal

  • For best results, keep a consistent schedule

  • Add Super CleansR to your 8AM Super Amino 23 serving during the final 10 days (for a natural, deep colon cleanse)

  • Modify 1-2 capsules of Biome Medic and Super CleansR according to your body’s digestive response (Biome Medic and Super CleansR aid in waste elimination)


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