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Unlock Your Potential with the Total Wellness Assessment.

Ever wondered where you truly stand on the path to a well-balanced and fulfilling life? Introducing the Total Wellness Index, your personalized compass to evaluate your status in the 7 Dimensions of Health & Wellness.

Begin Your Wellness Journey with Confidence

A fulfilling life is one that's harmoniously balanced across seven vital dimensions. The Total Wellness Index offers a thorough assessment, helping you uncover your unique strengths and areas that deserve your attention.


How much do you focus on your physical health?


Do you have a healthy state of mind?


Are you able to resist or tolerate the stress in your life?


Do you spend your day in a healthy environment?


Do you tend to have healthy relationships?


The 7 Dimensions

Being Present

Are you mentally present and able to focus?



Do you understand your emotions and the emotions of others?

The Total Wellness Assessment Advantage

Your well-being is a mosaic of these seven dimensions. The Total Wellness Assessment grants you the vision to see it clearly and the tools to enrich it. Let's embark on this enlightening journey toward a more balanced, vibrant, and fulfilling life.

Personalized Insights

Your assessment is uniquely tailored to you, revealing your strengths and areas for growth in the 7 Dimensions. It's the first step to crafting your personalized wellness plan.

Actionable Recommendations

Gain valuable insights into each dimension with actionable recommendations to elevate your well-being. Your journey to a more balanced life begins with informed choices.

A Holistic Approach

By evaluating across multiple dimensions, we ensure a comprehensive understanding of your overall health. Your wellness is interconnected, and we're here to guide you.

Your Wellness, Your Choice
3 Easy Steps to Better Health


Purchase Your Assessment  Click below to purchase your assessment and take the first step in your wellness journey.  Be assured, your privacy and data security are our top priorities.

Engage & Reflect  Respond to thought-provoking questions crafted to evaluate your position in each dimension. Your honest responses guide the path to your personalized wellness report.

Receive Your Personalized Report  Shortly after completing the assessment, you'll receive a detailed report uncovering your wellness status in the 7 Dimensions and providing actionable steps for each dimension.

Start Your Wellness Journey with confidence!


Stephanie H.

"The assessment revealed areas that I didn't realize were holding me back!"
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