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The act of writing itself is nourishing on its own.

Do you recall what it felt like to hold a pen or pencil in my hand? To write a note.

I know, its a thought of the past. ha! I do remember the great release, I felt after writing out my emotions. Such Freedom. They no longer consumed me. They no longer have control over me.

Writing can help you process complicated feelings and emotions, give your body and mind an opportunity to release negativity, keep your mind sharp, increase communication skills, help you understand yourself better, be more sympathetic and empathetic, occupy idle hands and connect with the world around you. You do not have to be good at it or show anyone what you are writing. The act of writing itself is nourishing all on its own,

Keep nourishing going with A Gratitude journals can be effective for boosting your mood and encouraging more positive thoughts or you may prefer to write about your stressors to work through them in your mind. Whatever you choose journaling regularly has been shown to have the biggest benefits.


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