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If you’re looking to effectively address your problems at the level of cause, you must have a research-based, customized plan.

Organic Vegetables


There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to how you should eat. Nutrient requirements vary greatly depending on your age and stage in life, how active you are, and your lifestyle.

This is why “fad diets” that others try may not work for you. We are all unique and should be treated as such. Some of these diets are based on science and will work for some but may not have YOUR optimal health needs in mind.

That’s where a health coach can come in.

I will help clear confusion and create an individualized plan to help you create a realistic, simple nutrition plan that you will actually stick to!

Organic Vegetables

Different Results require a Different Approach 
Ready to START feeling better?

How can Health Coaching help me?

Better health starts in the kitchen. Your meal planning stress can be eliminated with my help. My Holistic but Realistic approach to health and wellness has helped hundreds of women feel less anxiety about what they eat when they eat and why they eat.

If you enjoy counting calories, macros, or some other number-of-the-month, then my health coaching practice is not for you. (too much math) Instead, I walk my clients through my 4 Pillars of Health and provide accountability, recipes, and real-world solutions.

Ready For?

  • More Energy

  • Better Sleep

  • Fix Digestive issues

  • Reduce Stress

  • Improved Mood

  • Food Allergy Support

Tara Ivins Board Certified Funtional Nutrition Consultant

Health Coaching offers the following for you:

  • accountability

  • support (via coaching sessions and a private chat)

  • simple, but delicious meal plans and recipes

  • realistic lifestyle modifications

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